Sustainability Services

ESG & Sustainability Planning

No matter if your organization is legally obliged to comply to Sustainability goals, or if you intend to apply such planning on a voluntary basis, in Kyoto Economics, we can help you conceive and implement Sustainability policies and systems, in every step of the process: conceive a relevant Sustainability Statement, set your specific, measurable and meaningful sustainability goals, run your internal sustainability system, and finally publish your annual ESG & Sustainability report!

CSR Planning

If your organization is interested more in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) either on a mandatory basis, or on a voluntary basis, we can help you conceive and implement CSR policies and systems, i.e. conceive, articulate and publish your CSR Statement, set your S.M.A.R.T. CSR goals, run your internal CSR system, and publish your annual CSR report! If you are at the same time into ESG, we will make sure that the two systems are seamlessly interconnected and their management and reporting is unified and smooth.

ESG Rating & Labeling

As a valid and independent third party, we rate your sustainability profile by reviewing your corporate governance, strategy and actions in this direction and issue the respective certificate or rating label. We deliver different types of rating certificates, on the basis of methodologies developed by Kyoto Economics:

  • Climate Neutrality Certificate (Sample)
  • Sustainability Rating Certificate (Sample)
  • CSR Rating Certificate (Sample)


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