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Energy Studies & Audits

In Kyoto Economics we undertake the conduct of energy audits and studies for energy systems and organizations that are interested in minimizing their energy consumption and carbon footprint as well as optimizing their energy costs, either voluntarily, or to comply with the relevant regulatory provisions.

Sustainability Verification

Interested in assessing the impact of a Project, Activity or System on our planet or the economy as a whole? In Kyoto Economics we can assess the extent to which your Project contributes to Climate Change, as well as its impact on the Environment and the Society. Among other, we check your conformity with the relevant regulatory framework, assess your climate neutrality and resilience in Climate Change, and identify your environmental and social impacts and risks.

After having assessed the vulnerability of your Project or System in its three main sustainability dimensions (i.e. Climatic, Environmental, Social) we identify and propose measures that you can implement in its design or operation, in order to minimize, alter, or even turn around the negative impacts. These include risk-management proposals, as well as actions for offsetting the carbon footprint of your "System".

Carbon Pricing & CBA

Do you want to figure out what is the social Cost and Benefit of a product, service, or project and what is its monetized impact on the Climate? Want to improve your Environmental Impact Assessment Study of a Project according to the provisions of the National Climate Law? Want to conceive and implement a carbon strategy for a RES or other type of Project? Are you an energy consumer or power supplier that is having trouble to navigate in the Carbon Offsets compliance or voluntary markets? We are here to help.

Project Development Services

RES & Carbon Neutral Project Development is a complex, long, and risky process, due to a complex, unfinished and randomly changing regulatory and market environment. In Kyoto Economics we can help you develop your Project, by providing accurate advice, useful insights, and added value services:

Sustainability Compliance Assessment

Public & Private financing institutions require the Sustainability assessment of Projects requesting financing, against specific criteria, imposed by the original source of the funds, for example the RRF, the EBRD, or criteria set by Bank Associations, in relation to Green Banking. In Kyoto Economics we can undertake such assessment and prepare your Project to comply beforehand, with the relevant sustainability requirements.

PPA & “Route to Market” Advisory Services

Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are an attractive option for energy producers and energy consumers wishing to tackle energy prices’ volatility. In Kyoto Economics we can help you structure and negotiate a PPA agreement according to your profile and needs. In addition, we can advise you on the different options regarding the revenue source of your project and the risks and benefits associated to each source.

ESCO Advisory Services

Energy costs, energy management, energy suppliers’ selection, rapidly evolving technology and energy market procedures, can be a source of frustration. In Kyoto Economics we can help you understand, minimize, manage optimally, and if needed, allocate, your energy consumption and costs, both internal and external.

Carbon Footprint Offsetting

Whatever your "energy system", be it a building, event, product, process, business, or your city, we help you neutralize its carbon footprint. We do this with the use of carbon offsets at the amount that corresponds to the climate footprint of your system for a specific time-period.


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