Sustainability Services

Sustainability is increasingly prioritized on the global public agenda. Entities ranging from the EU to small businesses and individual households are actively pursuing sustainability goals, either to comply with regulations or as a proactive choice.
Kyoto Economics is equipped to assist in integrating sustainability practices into your everyday business activities. We accomplish this by providing a suite of innovative, high-value services:

ESG & CSR Systems Design

If your organization is required to comply with specific Sustainability goals, or if you intend to implement this planning on a voluntary basis, Kyoto can help you design and implement such policies and systems at every step of the process: from conceiving the Sustainability Statement, to the definition of specific, measurable and meaningful Sustainability Goals, the operation of your internal Sustainability management system, assuring its compatibility with ISO systems or other standards, until the publication of your annual Sustainability Report.

Sustainability Certification

Are you considering evaluating the impact of a project, activity, or system on our planet or the economy? At Kyoto, we can determine how much your project contributes to climate change, as well as its effects on the environment and society. We verify its adherence to the relevant regulatory framework, evaluate its climate neutrality and resilience to climate change, and identify its environmental and social impacts and risks.
As a credible and independent third party, we assess your sustainability profile by reviewing your corporate governance, strategy, and actions in this direction, and then issue the appropriate certificate or rating label. We certify the level of sustainability of your business using methodologies developed by Kyoto Economics or other recognized entities.
  • Climate Neutrality Certificate (sample)
  • Sustainability Assessment Certificate (Sample)

Neutralization of carbon footprint

No matter the type of "energy system" you have—be it a building, product, process, business, or even your entire city—we assist in measuring, reducing, and offsetting its carbon footprint.
We achieve this through established, state-of-the-art methodologies, and by applying carbon offsets equivalent to your system's climate impact over a given time frame.

Compliance with Climate Law

The National Climate Law has established a framework for energy consumers to transition towards climate neutrality and adapt to climate change. It also delineates compliance obligations for certain categories of organizations.

  • Local Government Organizations are required to plan for carbon reduction, disclose data, and decrease their carbon footprint.
  • Facilities with certain environmental permits must engage in carbon reduction planning, data publication, and footprint reduction or offsetting.
  • Large enterprises, including publicly traded companies, those with over 500 employees, utilities, and others, are mandated to plan for carbon reduction, disclose data, and voluntarily reduce or offset their carbon footprint.

At Kyoto Economics we provide consulting and engineering services to each of the above categories of organizations, so that they are always in compliance with the current provisions of the Climate Law.

Energy Management Services

  • Energy Audits & Certificates: Kyoto specializes in conducting energy audits and studies, issuing related certificates like the Electrician's Installer's Solemn Declaration (ISD) and the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for buildings.
  • Energy Optimization: Navigating through energy costs, energy management, supplier selection, technological developments, energy intervention subsidies, and intricate energy market processes, can be challenging for every business. Kyoto is equipped to assist you in comprehending, reducing, distributing, and managing your organization's energy consumption and expenses efficiently.


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