RES and Storage Project Development

Developing Renewable Energy Source (RES) projects is a multifaceted and lengthy endeavor, often complicated by an intricate, evolving, and sometimes inconsistent regulatory landscape and energy markets. At Kyoto Economics, we offer assistance in developing your RES or Storage projects, no matter the scale, by providing comprehensive consulting and engineering services that add value:

Feasibility Studies

The financial viability of an investment is the first criterion considered when deciding on the development of a RES project. In Kyoto we undertake economic viability studies using models that we have developed and which we adapt according to the technology of the energy investment under consideration and the market in which your project will operate.

Environmental Impact Assessment Studies

Kyoto Economics is committed to conducting environmental impact assessments and energy studies, tailored to the environmental categorization of your project, whether as part of the overall development of your Renewable Energy Systems (RES) or Storage project, or as a standalone service.

PPA & "Route to Market" Advisory

Private Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are an attractive option for energy producers and energy consumers who want to cope with energy price volatility. At Kyoto Economics we can help you structure and negotiate a PPA agreement according to your profile and needs. In addition, we can advise you on the various options regarding your project's revenue source and the risks and benefits associated with each source.

Climate Cost-Benefit Analysis

Interested in calculating the social costs and benefits of a product, service, or project, along with its monetary impact on the climate? Want to detail the Environmental Impact Assessment of a project in line with the National Climate Law provisions? Designing a climate strategy for a renewable energy or other type of project? Are you an energy consumers or energy supplier, stragling to navigate regulated or voluntary carbon markets? Call us now,  assistance is available.

Conformity with Green Banking Criteria

Public and private financial institutions mandate the viability assessment of projects seeking financing, which must adhere to specific criteria set by the original funding source, such as the Development and Resilience Fund (RRF), the EBRD, or to standards established by banking associations concerning Green Banking. At Kyoto Economics, we are equipped to conduct such assessments or prepare your project to meet the pertinent sustainability criteria of Green Banking.

Management of Contracts & Subcontractors

At Kyoto we specialize in integrated contract management services that ensure that all your business agreements required to implement your RES or storage project are executed flawlessly. Our team provides comprehensive support, from initial drafting to final execution, ensuring that each contract is tailored to your needs. We follow innovative and internationally recognized processes throughout the contract lifecycle, aiming to minimize risks, maximize financial efficiency and develop strong and long-lasting business relationships.

We can assist you with Special Technical Services Contracts during the development phase, EPC contract, Grid Connection Agreement, Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), O&M contract, insurance contract, Loan Agreement, other contracts for services or products required to get your green project up and running.

Trust us to handle your contracts and subcontractors, so you can focus on connecting your project on time, within budget, with the least possible personal involvement.


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