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ESG & Sustainability Advisory Services.

Technical Assistance to Public & Private Entities, for Complying with National Climate Law.

Engineering & Economics for a Decarbonized Economy.


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Our Services

Engineering & Economics

  • Energy Studies & Audits
  • Sustainability Verification
  • Carbon Pricing & CBA
  • Project Development Services
  • Carbon Footprint Offsetting


Climate Law Compliance

Law 4936/2022 introduces specific obligations for a number of CO2 emitters that are not making part of the EU ETS :

  • Local Government Organizations (OTA)
  • Special Installations, as defined in the Law
  • Large Enterprises


Sustainability Services

In Kyoto Economics we provide a number of added value Services related to Sustainability & Corporate Governance:

  • ESG & Sustainability Planning
  • CSR Planning
  • ESG Rating & Labeling


You will be surprised...

My experience is that the majority of those interested in setting and implementing a climate strategy, are often having three points in common:

1. They understand quite well that a long-term climate strategy  is of great marketing value.

2. They are amazed by the diversity and complexity of the carbon offsetting ecosystem.

3. They underestimate “Green washing” risk, when implementing and promoting their sustainability activities.

Ilias D. Karanasis
Energy Economist, M.Sc.

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