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Calculation and Neutralization Services of the Environmental Footprint of any Entity, Product or Service.

Advisory services for the design of Green processes and services.

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Carbon Footprint Neutralization

Whatever your "energy system", be it a building, event, product, process, business, your home or your city, we neutralize its carbon footprint. We do this by "canceling" the number of carbon offsets corresponding to the energy consumption of your system, for a specific time period.

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Certification of Environmental Neutrality

As a valid and independent body, we certify your carbon neutrality by reviewing the actions you have taken in this direction and issue the respective certificate.

Carbon Pricing and Marketing Services

Do you want to figure out what is the external environmental cost of a product, service or project and what is its economic impact on the environment?

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Climate Change Advisory Services

Are you a CSR department? Want to design a Green process or service? Are you bound by specific goals regarding your environmental profile?

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Online Carbon Offsetting

Are you interested in neutralizing part of your carbon footprint ?


You will be surprised...

My experience is that the majority of those interested in neutralizing the carbon footprint of a system, have two things in common:

1. They understand quite well that a neutral carbon footprint is of great marketing value, especially when it comes to businesses with large customer base.

2. They are amazed at how low is the cost of neutralizing their carbon footprint for a year.

Ilias D. Karanasis
Energy Economist, M.Sc.

Are you ready to be surprised?

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